Castillo de la Pena

€9, Dunnes Stores (On offer)

Castillo Perfect.jpg

I don't know a lot about this wine but I can confirm that it tastes remarkably good and it's a snip at this offer price. Judging by the label it's a 2005 vintage Garnacha/Cabernet blend from Spain’s Campo de Borja, aged for a full seven years in oak. This seems pretty excessive, to be honest, and I'd expect it to be quite dried out by the experience. But no, the fruit is sound, the nose is fragrant and you can tell that some of the oak ageing was done in new wood judging by the subtle vanilla character. There's nothing crude or clumsy or ovecooked about this frankly rather delicious red; and let's face it, we often fear that when trying cheap Spanish reds. Oh, we of little faith!