A Cooling “Aperitivo”

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At this time of the year, one of my favourite restaurants produces what they call an aperitivo, made from Campari, clementine juice and Cava. Quo Vadis in deepest Soho (as distinct from SoHo) is under the culinary baton on the great Jeremy Lee whose menus always delight – but especially in Summer when local English produce really sings the high notes.

I have tried to recreate Quo Vadi’s elixir at home (I would never be so gauche as to ask for the recipe) with varying degrees of success. However (I used that word at the start of sentence just to annoy Michael Gove who, I am sure, is a regular reader of my bons mots), the version I give you below resembles the original only in part. I give it because (a) it works and (b) I like it a great deal. It’s also less sweet than the Quo Vadis version (which I think might have a little stock syrup in the mix).

The quantities are a bit vague but trust your own judgement.

Pour a generous shot of Campari into a tall glass. Add a goodly amount of freshly squeezed Clementine juice (the juice of ordinary oranges, m’dear, are not quite right for this), add sufficient ice cubes to make this a very cold drink and then top up with well chilled Prosecco of the driest kind you can find. Aldi’s Prosecco di Valdobiaddene Spumante is excellent and – important point – fully sparkling rather than the lesser frizzante kinds.

Give it a good stir, perhaps add a sprig of mint or even basil, and sip slowly while dinner is being cooked (ideally by somebody else).